Zaentz Early Childhood Initiative

Supported by a $35.5 million gift from the Saul Zaentz Charitable Foundation, the Saul Zaentz Early Childhood Initiative at HGSE will aim to transform early childhood education. The initiative builds on the work of Professor Nonie Lesaux and Associate Professor Stephanie Jones, as well as the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University. Using interlocking strategies to drive impact, the initiative will conduct research to inform policy and practice, provide high-quality professional learning, cultive new leaders in the field, and bring credible evidence to bear on public policy affecting young children.

The Harvard Early Learning Study, under Lesaux and Jones, is a five-year longitudinal study that will investigate language, cognition, social-emotional development, and neurophysiology, while addressing long-term impacts of early education. The Saul Zaentz Academy for Professional Learning in Early Childhood will offer in-person and online training for early childhood educators, leaders, and policymakers. The Saul Zaentz Fellows Program includes eight master’s fellowships and one doctoral fellowship for students pursuing careers in early childhood education.

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