Lions Quest

Lions Quest, developed by Lions Club International, is a PreK-12 program that integrates social and emotional learning, character education, drug and bullying prevention, and service learning to build 21st century life skills. Social-emotional competencies broadly targeted by Lions Quest include self-awareness, self-management, relationship skills, social awareness, and responsible decision-making. Lions Quest also includes opportunities for family involvement, service learning and community connections. The program also has a strong focus on school climate. 

Building on prior evaluations, we are conducting a two-year longitudinal, quasi-experimental study designed to evaluate the impact of the Lions Quest “Skills for Adolescence,” program on student-, classroom-, and school-level outcomes in two middle schools in Long Island, New York. This evaluation aims to provide important information about the replicability of findings across schools and school-districts as well as to add new findings to the body of evidence for SEL programs overall.


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