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In 2014-2015, our team was funded to develop and pilot a dual-generation intervention designed to support low-income children’s academic and social-emotional development while simultaneously building skills and social capital among low-income parents. Building from SECURe, an existing evidence-based curricular intervention that targets self-regulation and executive function skills in grades PreK-3, this project created a new adult-focused program aligned with SECURe concepts and designed specifically to address the challenges associated with parenting in a high-stress, low-income environment.

The work for this 2Gen project was divided into four primary areas: (1) literature review on executive function in adulthood and its relationship to parenting and parent, child, and family outcomes; and a content analysis of existing evidence-based parenting programs; (2) program development, with input from participating families, schools, and pilot site communities; (3) facilitator training and program implementation through a small pilot study; and (4) data collection and analysis related to program implementation, feasibility, and potential efficacy to improve outcomes among low-income children and families. 


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