Professional Development

Thank you for your interest and your commitment to building students’ social and emotional learning (SEL) skills. Our team is passionate about working with teachers and school staff, OST/afterschool providers, families, mental health workers, and others in the community to support social-emotional development and positive school climate. The following provides an overview of the type of professional development opportunities led by Stephanie Jones and members of the EASEL team. Professional development may take place on-site (e.g., at your school) or at the Harvard Graduate School of Education in Cambridge, MA. Please note that travel costs are not included in the price estimates below. Costs may change depending on training size, location, and other factors or additions. If you are interested in professional development opporutnities, please email us at

One-Time Professional Development, Training and Support

  • One-day Teacher/Staff Training
  • Training may be preceded by short survey of teacher/staff specific needs, if desired
  • Training may be followed by one hour follow-up session, if desired
  • Key topics include the following:
    • The science of social and emotional learning
    • Whole child, whole setting approach to social and emotional learning
    • Core principles and strategies for integrating SEL into everyday practices and routines
    • Adults role in building SEL skills
    • Integrating literacy and SEL instruction
    • Aligning SEL across school, home, and/or OST settings

SEL Workshop Series

  • A set of 8 workshops that explore topics that are central to social-emotional development and provide concrete tools and strategies (e.g., something to take home and try each month)
  • Workshops are designed for small groups of Teachers; we also offer a version for Families
  • Workshops are designed to be 60-90 minutes long and occur once per month throughout the school year; can be adapted to fit other needs or timeline/structure
  • Workshop topics include the following:
    • Executive Function and Brain Development
    • Understanding and Managing Stress
    • Talking About and Managing Feelings
    • Supporting Positive Behavior

SEL Customized Partnership

  • Based on your specific interests and needs, we will work with your school/organization to develop a customized professional development plan related to SEL
  • Partnership activities/resources may include:
    • Ongoing coaching/professional development
    • Concrete strategies and tools for building SEL
    • SEL Assessment tools and data collection to inform instruction
    • Review and/or consultation of SEL activities and/or assessment
    • Integration of our SEL materials/resources into an existing curricula or program 

For more information about professional development opportunities, please contact