Ascend 2Gen Network

Founded in 2010, the Aspen Institute Ascend Network serves as a hub for ideas and collaborations focused on elevating and investing in programs, policies, and community solutions that support children and families. The Ascend Network is grounded in a two-generational aproach – focusing on children and their parents together. As part of this network, Dr. Jones and staff are active contributers to the development of resources that support intergenerational success and opportunity for low-income children and families. Resources include research reports, practice briefs, webinars, and the development of SECURe Families, a dual-generation intervention designed to support academic and social-emotional development. 

As part of our team's work with the Ascend Network, we created a set of resources designed for programs and organizations that serve low-income families, aimed at increasing access and impact of parenting and 2Gen efforts. Learn more about the Aspend Institute Ascend Network.

Maximizing Access and Impact Research-to-Pracice Brief

Maximizing Access and Impact Checklist

Maximizing Access and Impact Report




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