Research and Program Staff

Bryan Nelson

Bryan Nelson

Project Coordinator

Bryan Nelson is a Project Coordinator at the Ecological Approaches to Social and Emotional Learning Lab. His research interest lies at the...

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Thelma Ramirez

Research Assistant
Thelma Ramirez is a Research Assistant at the EASEL Lab, where she primarily supports the SEL Analysis Project. Prior to working at the EASEL Lab, Thelma... Read more about Thelma Ramirez

Emma Sterling

Research Assistant

Emma Sterling is a Research Assistant at the EASEL Lab at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Her primary focus is on conducting a nationally...

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Laura Stickle

Laura Stickle

Research Assistant/Project Coordinator

Laura Stickle is a research assistant/project coordinator at the EASEL Lab and specializes in providing support to teachers and administrators as they...

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